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Ten Tonne Dozer

Ten Tonne Dozer, arguably Shetland's finest heavy rock band, was formed in 2005 by Australian vocalist Dave Kok and lead guitarist Jamie Duncan. Also in the line up is fellow ex-Northern Rage guitarist Mick Tait, drummer Jonathan Stevens and bassist Jamie Hatch.

The band have built themselves a reputation not only in Shetland, but also throughout Scotland, the UK and parts of Europe through their energetic live performances. They have played with and supported a variety of acts such as Faroe Islands metal band SIC, Glasgow legends Attica Rage from Glasgow, Inverness rockers Stolen Order, as well as German metallers Samsara and Monster Tone from The Netherlands.

Since the release of their E.P 'The Valley' in 2007 the band continue to find new fans across Erope and Scandanavia. Ten Tonne Dozer have received radio airplay on terrestrial FM and internet stations throughout the UK, Australia, Europe, and North America, including ZetCast in Shetland, BBC Scotland, legendary metal DJ Simon Oskam's Metal Chapter on RTW FM (The Netherlands), and The Rock Show on CPR 7-LTN FM (Australia). Numerous features, interviews and reviews have been published in regional, national and international press, magazines and webzines.

Metal Hammer magazine, impressed with 'The Valley' E.P rated it 8/10, and Alpha Vunk fanzine was quoted, ' ...the best thing to rise out from the ashes of the Shetland metal scene in 20 years'.

Comparisons have been drawn to bands including Clutch, Orange Goblin, Black Label Society and Pantera but each member of Ten Tonne Dozer brings their own influences to the mix. Their musical roots are firmly planted in the classic power-groove riffs of Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Kyuss, Led Zeppelin with touches of thrash metal from Slayer and Exodus.



Hom Bru
Cooper's Reels
Shetland Fiddlers
The Delting Set
Camera Obscura
Cullivoe Fiddlers
Da Ferry Reel Set
Fiddler's Bid
Da Shaalds
Jenna Reid
Summer Island March
Unst Boat Song
Chris Stout
Jillian Isbister
Jordan Ogg
The Prettiest Birds

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